Core Power Yoga

Core power yoga is a practice designed to strengthen the abdomen, back simultaneously, and pelvic floor muscles. The benefits are twofold:
• Increased strength in these muscle groups leads to better posture and balance, fewer back injuries, better overall health, and even a higher rate of fat loss.
• By focusing on strengthening the core muscle group, you will see improvements in other areas of your yoga practice. You’ll be able to hold your poses longer and with more confidence, and you’ll be able to push yourself to achieve new heights in your practice.



What is Core Power Yoga about?

Power yoga is all about a dynamic, challenging program that combines strength, spirituality, and sweat, helping you redefine your limits and get in touch with a new self, both on and off the mat. Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years, but it’s never been done like this. It helps build strength, increase flexibility, and grow your spiritual awareness.

Core power yoga is a Western adaptation of the Indian Ashtanga Yoga, and it has been practiced in the United States since 2002. Yoga was introduced in Seattle, Washington, by Trevor Tice, who had traveled to India in 1993 and was inspired by the strength of Ashtanga Yoga. The Core Power Yoga system is a full-body workout that uses breath and movement to build heat, endurance, and flexibility while strengthening your core.
Core Power Yoga offers three programs to help you unlock and unleash your inner strength.

The “Core Power” program is designed to strengthen the abdominals and back and includes both abs-focused Vinyasa power yoga poses and variations of muscle-toning moves. The “Unlocking Athletic Power” program will develop flexible strength emphasizing abs, back, hips, and pelvis. Our “Soul of Strength” program is a fast-moving power yoga program with a distinct mid-body emphasis and some very challenging moves.


Core Power Yoga
Yoga sessions consist of cardiovascular exercises intended to develop strength and flexibility, increase stamina, improve focus, release tensions and remove toxins through sweating.

Core power yoga is a fast-paced form of yoga that requires the execution of poses and holding them for longer than the typical five breaths. This practice can increase physical endurance and focus over long periods without breaking concentration.

Difference between Core Power Yoga and other Exercises?

Core Power Yoga is different from other exercises in that it is a rigorous yoga workout. It requires you to connect with your breath and move through a series of poses and build up your strength, flexibility, and balance as you go. It’s a workout for the body and the mind, and it’s about both discipline and relaxation.

Other forms of exercise may be easier on your body or less demanding, but they won’t allow you to reap all of the benefits of core power yoga. Plus, if you’re looking for a challenge, why WOULDN’T you want to try something that combines mental focus with physical exertion? You’ll have fun building your strength while shaping your body in new ways!

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