7 Indicators That Someone Is Concealing Their Envy Towards You

If jealousy is not addressed or acknowledged, it can evolve into destructive behavior that can change your friend so significantly that you may not even recognize them. The problem is that many individuals conceal these emotions, making it difficult to determine if they are envious of us. Fortunately, some signs can indicate if your friend has negative feelings towards you.

A jealous friend can quickly sabotage you. Recognize warning signs to prevent negativity.

They give you a backhanded compliment.

If your friend is envious of you, they may try to appear supportive by giving compliments, but be cautious as their words may be delivered in a passive-aggressive manner.

For instance, if you recently landed a new job and your friend praises you by commenting, “That’s great, but it’s not common for them to hire someone lacking experience like you. Congratulations!” Or they may say: “Aren’t you Lucky”. They gloat at your mistakes.

No matter if you made a mistake in the past or recently experienced a loss, a jealous friend will be quick to say, “I told you so.” They may take pleasure in your failures and are not someone you want as a companion.

 They come up with reasons to avoid being around you.

Pay attention to whether your friends are starting to distance themselves from you. If they feel jealous of your success, they may be turned off. They may make excuses to avoid spending time with you, such as claiming to be constantly busy. Additionally, you may notice that they are trying to spend time with others in your social circle instead. Read on to see what they may be doing behind your back,

 They gossip about you.

Sometimes, your friends may not even realize that they are envious of you. It often begins with resentment, mainly if you succeed at something they have always desired. Soon, you may hear rumors from others that your friend is spreading negative information about you. They take pleasure in criticizing you in front of others to appear superior.

If you choose to address the situation with your friends, they are likely to provide excuses such as claiming that you have “changed “or become “arrogant”.


They inform you that you are fortunate.


A jealous friend will likely feel insecure about themselves, leading them to diminish your accomplishments. When you share good news, they may find something negative to say to make you feel you don’t deserve it. For example, they might say, “Don’t celebrate too soon; we still have a few more exams left this year.”

Another way a jealous friend can belittle your success is by drawing attention to their achievements while downplaying yours. For example, they might say, “I once had the highest score in a much more difficult subject than this.”

Although some individuals may try to distance themselves from you out of jealousy, others will constantly want to be by your side. Research has suggested that jealousy can bring people closer together, but not necessarily in a positive manner. This does not compare to the genuine companionship of a true friend.

If a jealous friend is constantly shadowing you, it can feel like they are stalking you. For instance, in a social situation, you might catch them glancing at you before quickly looking away. They may even try to emulate your qualities and make them their own, leading to an unhealthy obsession.

Now it is expected to hear someone say, “Oh, you’re lucky,” in positive situations such as winning a game. However, if a friend tells you you’re lucky to be hired for a job they know you worked hard for, it is not a good sign. This can also be said about your relationship status, especially if you have a good partner.

This individual is not acting out of affection but rather out of envy towards you. They are likely trying to boost their self-esteem by behaving this way. Take heart, look for the signs, and protect yourself.


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