Six Psychological Traits of Narcissism that S/He Would Never Admit.

Six Psychological Traits of Narcissism that S/He Would Never Admit.

Just because you don’t go to therapy or go through a psychology consultation doesn’t mean that you don’t have a narcissistic, pathological personality. Or maybe there is a narcissist around you, making your life impossible without you imagining that they are cause of your demise.

Narcissists can be very toxic, but it will be harder for them to hide if you know all the types of a narcissistic personality that psychologists have detailed so that you do not let your guard down.


They Think They are Superior, But They are Nobody Without your Admiration.


Narcissists are arrogant and proud. They believe they are unique, special, and masters of a wonderful existence that is far from what others could even imagine. Hence, most people mean very little to them.


In their quest to surpass, the downside is that they exaggerate their achievements to such a stratospheric limit that they become annoyingly competitive people.


And of course, they think their experiences are more valuable than those of others. Furthermore, they should set an example for those around them. They do it not to give advice, but to be the center of the conversation. Over time their social relationships deteriorate. Then the need for new contacts becomes necessary.


Admiration is key for the narcissist to survive. If they sense rejection then the smear campaign where they are the victim starts.  Flying monkeys or the people who enable narcissits are key to smear campaign. Be aware and take heed.


They Have the Same Ability to Listen as a Wall.

The world of narcissists is small, limited to what they think and do.  The echoes of their own thoughts fit in their head. They do not listen to others because they do not care about anything. Caution is the norm if a narcissist approaches you, because if they have to lean  on their peers to excel, they will not hesitate to do so.In other words be prepared to be used.


They are the worst companions one can have because their lack of receptivity makes them unable to help others. In situations like going on a trip, when you do it with someone you don’t know well, you have to be careful because many personalities emerge. Narcissists can have many faces at many times.


Success/ Sexual Fantasy

Forming a parallel reality is also one of the identifying features of narcissists. Most of the time they don’t live in reality. Their misconceptions about their abilities introduce them to a world of fantasy. You will become the object of their fantasies. This is how they use power over others.



All they want to do is to succeed at all costs. They even deceive themselves int o thinking they are best and better than others.


Narcissistic people can only achieve the goal with an overflowing imagination. They are very good at lying.  A classic lie is that they tell you about distant things that you will never be able to verify. With their unlimited imagination for fantasy they maximize and make profitable the good, which has been attributed to others.


Of course, don’t listen to them if they blame you for their failure.

In the life of the narcissist, failure always belongs to someone else and never them.


They Hide Their Emotions, Especially Their Vulnerability.

If someone close to a narcissist is having a bad time, they won’t pay any attention to him. But when they feel bad, they do seek support from others.


Their problem is that, they are the center of gravity of their relationships. Empathy is not present in the narcissist mind. They may pretend but they say things half and half : I miss you, but I don’t.


But they are often vulnerable.

When the narcissists feel the need to hide their defects at all costs, they turn their insecurity inward. A false fortress whose objective is that no one can “harm them”.

In order not to show their vulnerability, they will do whatever is necessary, such as talking excessively, redirecting conversations, belittling others, all in order not to show weakness.


They’re Addicted to Control.

Narcissists cannot keep their hands away from the rudder. They do want anyone  to be able to reveal their insecurity or their lack of self-esteem,” and that is why they try by all means to blacken the name

Of the person who sees them for what they really are.



If They Get Ahold of You, You Will Be Their Puppet.

Narcissists often take advantage of others.

They do it, for example, with people well positioned to gain their trust. This usually happens a lot in politics. They use advisers who help them rise and take possession of the successes of those who surround to ascend.


And it is that narcissists master the subtle art of bringing both people and situations to their terrain. They are always on the lookout, ready to replace those who try to say or do something that they do not like, or that do not allow them to manifest their greatness and power in front of others. Their goal:  always stand above you, and they continuously want to lower you.

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