Yoga Can Help you Get a Good Posture

Yoga Can Help you Get a Good Posture

Yoga can Help you Get a  Good  Posture

One of the most important requirements to perform good yoga practices is to keep up a good yoga posture. Yoga exercises help you to achieve balance, develop calmness and increase flexibility. Having a good yoga posture helps you to build your inner strength.


Fighting the Cobra

This yoga exercise helps to tone abs and relieve slight pain in your back.

The first step is to lay on your stomach, joining your legs and feet. With fingers facing inward, plant your palms on the floor below your shoulders.

The second step is to gradually lift the head and chest to lift the upper body. Make sure your shoulders are down.

The third and the last step involves holding this pose for about 30 seconds as you breathe in even breaths through your nose. Go back to the starting relaxed position and start over.

Strengthens your Abs

The first step is to stand with legs hip-width apart, holding arms ahead with palms facing down.

The second step involves twisting your knees and squat. The weight should be centered on heels, and make sure that you don’t lower your hips below your knees.

The third step is to reach forward and center your eyes in a straight line. Breath in and out through the nose and hold this posture for about 20 seconds. Go back to the standing position gradually.

The Wind-Relieving Posture

Great for stretching the spine and improving digestion which aids in feeling fresh.

The first thing you need to do is to recline on your back. Keep your left leg straight on the ground while dragging your knee toward your chest.

The second step is to push your shoulders and your neck towards the ground while holding your knee. Breathe for ten seconds.

The last step is to change the sides while holding the left knee to your chest for about ten seconds. Next, hug both of your knees to your chest and hold for another 10 seconds. Repeat the entire procedure.

The Upward Boat Posture

Another great yoga exercises to strengthen your abs and improve your balancing ability. Also great for digestion.

The first step is to lay straight on the ground with knees bent and feet straight on the floor.

The second step requires you to breathe in, bend back and raise heels off the ground, straightening your legs as possible as you can. Expand your arms with palms facing downward.

The third step involves holding the posture for thirty seconds and make sure your abs are doing the work.


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