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Meditative Walks

This book is the ultimate guide to walking meditation. It features a variety of meditations and exercises to keep your mind and body healthy. It offers tips on making walking a part of your everyday life and making your walking and meditations part of your life. This book is for sale on Amazon.

13 reviews for Meditative Walks:

  1. NormaS

    Be one with nature. The perfect book for mediations

  2. SallyK

    I did not know you could mediate and walk, But the monks do this!

  3. MarleneT

    Walk and Meditate. Great book

  4. TimK

    My daughter gave this to me- what a little gem!

  5. Emily J.

    Meditative Walks has transformed my daily routine. The book offers a perfect blend of mindfulness and physical exercise. The meditations and exercises are easy to follow, and I’ve noticed a significant improvement in both my mental clarity and physical health. Highly recommended!

  6. Joshua R.

    As someone new to walking meditation, I found this book incredibly accessible. The tips on integrating walking into daily life are practical and inspiring. Even my friend, who is an experienced meditator, found new insights in this guide. A fantastic resource for all levels.

  7. Jennifer T.

    This book has changed the way I approach both walking and meditation. The exercises are straightforward and easy to incorporate into a busy schedule. The author’s advice on making walking meditation a part of everyday life is both motivational and practical.

  8. Franco T.

    While I found “Meditative Walks” to be beneficial, some sections felt repetitive. The meditations are well-explained, but the book could have been more concise. Nonetheless, it’s a good guide for anyone looking to improve their mindfulness practice.

  9. Tommy R.

    “Meditative Walks” has become an essential part of my daily routine. The variety of exercises keeps things interesting, and I love how it emphasizes the importance of mindfulness in everyday activities. This book is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their well-being.

  10. Kate R.

    “Meditative Walks” is a beautiful guide that takes you on a journey to mindfulness. The meditations are well-structured, and the exercises are designed to integrate seamlessly into daily life. I’ve experienced a significant improvement in my mental and physical health since I started following this book.

  11. Alexander P.

    I appreciate the practical advice and easy-to-follow exercises in this book. “Meditative Walks” has helped me incorporate mindfulness into my daily walks, making them more enjoyable and beneficial. A great resource for anyone looking to enhance their meditation practice.

  12. Franco T.

    This book has been life-changing for me. The meditative walks have not only improved my physical health but also brought a sense of calm and peace to my mind. The author’s tips on making walking meditation a part of everyday life are invaluable. Highly recommended!

  13. Sophia G.

    While I enjoyed the exercises and meditations, I felt that the book lacked depth in certain areas. The tips are helpful, but I was hoping for more detailed explanations and a broader range of techniques. Still, it’s a decent introduction to walking meditation.

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