Grit – what is it and why most people have it, even though they think they don’t…

What it is?

Grit!  It is an individual attitude which centers around perseverance and passion and is necessary to successfully pursue important long-term goals. Grit is something which enables people to press on despite the obstacles when they are pursuing something about which they are passionate. It is important to understand that grit is not about infatuation or intense emotions but rather it is an attitude or a state of mind which has to do with commitment and direction in life. It is widely believed that grit can be developed. As people overcome obstacles, they continually become more confident in themselves. It is a deep settled inner conviction that no matter what obstacles will be encountered they will find a way to deal with those challenges. This inner confidence that they possess infinite inner strength aids them to deal with family relationships and with the pressures associated with studying. Self-efficacy is the Capacity or power to produce a desired effect and this is fundamental to successfully develop grit.

How to increase your individual grit resources?

There is a century old saying that bad company corrupts good morals and therefore you cannot develop grit in your life when you are not surrounded by gritty people. You need to hold on to hope, there must be a deep-seated belief that regardless of your circumstance’s things will get better. Adopt for yourself a higher purpose and the best way to do this is to ask yourself, how can I positively impact the lives of others? Don’t give up and don’t despair on those terrible days keep on practicing and maintaining and to strengthen your resolve. Never cease to pursue meaningful personal interests and to succeed it is best to find something which is of particular interest to you. Many people want to know whether grit is learned or inherited and no genetic studies has been done in this regard and the consensus is that grit is learned while challenge is inherited. Research however, show that grit is produced from 2 distinct sources namely nurture and nature.

The implications of being gritty


Traditionally, you exhibit grit when you show courage even in challenging situations and when the strength of your character constantly shines through. It is easy to identify gritty people since they are those who exhibit perseverance and passion. Whenever a gritty person sets goals they follow through, and they keep at it until success is achieved. Therefore, it is those individuals who are investing everything into their goals and who hold on to their commitments under difficult conditions that has genuine grit. In our modern societies we simply do not hear enough on the subject of grit but everywhere where it is acknowledged and practiced people live better and are more successful. Being gritty involves the presence of several things such as passion, resilience, perseverance, conscientiousness and courage. People often have a narrow view of courage but in reality, it involves much more than mere physical bravery. As far as conscientiousness is concerned it is a state of mind which involves vigilance, carefulness and thoroughness.



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