Dry January

Have A Dry January

Have. A Dry January

Of course, we start the new year by drinking the champagne and raising our glasses to the new Year. Wishing every one the best. During the new year, we all want to start fresh and lead more healthy and enriching lives. Of course, we make all kinds of promises to ourselves during January. From dieting resolutions to new gym memberships. One particularly popular new year resolution, though, involves alcohol.


Dry January, also known as cutting back on alcohol during the month of January, has had a strong start this month. People all over the world are trying to eliminate alcohol from their lives during January.

And really, this does not come as much of a surprise. Alcohol sales have only increased during the pandemic. So, it makes sense that people would want to cut back a little on their alcohol consumption this year.

It’s not that alcohol is inherently bad, but a steady intake of it can have consequences for our health, even if it makes us feel good at the moment. As a result, there has been a growing interest in alternative drinks with low alcohol content or no alcohol content at all.

In fact, bars and large alcohol companies are offering more non-alcoholic versions of their drinks to keep up with this trend and boost sales. Alternative drinks were already on the rise before January, but this month has only emphasized the need for non-alcoholic drinks.

And, really, there are many great options for people who are health conscious. Not only can you drink zero alcohol beers. But, you can also try out wellness drinks like kombucha, flavored sparkling waters, and even CBD infused drinks.

non alcoholic

These drinks can bring on a sense of calm and improved health. CBD drinks and supplements infused drinks, in particular, seem to be having a potent effect on people. From mood stabilization to better sleep, the benefits of non-alcoholic drinks are endless.



Why Dry January is Beneficial For Your Health:

Still, you might be wondering why you should try Dry January, or why you should give up alcohol at all. In this final section of the post, I’ll briefly go over some health benefits of Dry January!

  1. Your Mental Health Will Improve

Alcohol might seem like a good way to unwind and relax, but once you’ve come down from your buzz, you probably won’t feel great. Hangovers are one issue, but alcohol is also a known depressant. Over time, you will feel more anxious and depressed after drinking. Once, you let go of alcohol, though, your mood will stabilize more!

  1. You Could Lose Weight

Many alcohols contain a high-calorie count and plenty of sugar. This can lead to weight gain, especially when you drink a lot. When you give up alcohol for a month, though, you could see some weight loss.


  1. You’ll Sleep Better

Alcohol might help you pass out, but it does diminish sleep quality. In short, you won’t get a good night of rest drinking. Again, though, cutting back on this subsistence will increase your sleep quality and help you sleep better!

  1. You’ll Save Money

This is indirectly tied to your health, but when you cut back on alcohol, you can save money. More money means you can worry less about your bills, and even have more of a budget for healthy drinks and food.

5. You may meet like-minded individuals and here is a quick primer: IWNDWYT means “I Will Not Drink With You Today”. ODAAT stands for “One Day At A Time”. These are both used frequently by those committed to not drinking.


And if you can’t studies today showed most people started out in high spirits (pun intended.) but fell off the wagon. Who can blame them? # COVID-19# pandemic




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